Monday, September 21, 2015

So Sweet to Give

“This is the law by which we live—
It is so sweet to give and give.”
Sang the wildflowers in Hinds’ Feet on High Places by Hannah Hurnard.

I love flowers—both wild and tame. I grow them, I pick them, I draw them. I look for them in fields and forests, on mountains and in valleys. Wherever I go, I look for those living things which “give and give” to us without taking anything. Armed with wildflower guides and my phone, I identify those which I find along the way.  

When asked why I take the time to do this, I tell them what my sister has said: “I like to know the names of my friends.” Not only that, but it is a way for me to give thanks to God for all of His creation. I take time to study each flower, marveling all the while at the amazing life on earth. It is a way to live gratefully in the present, not so caught up in past or future that the beauty all around us fades away. We live in a vibrant world, and I want to give thanks to the One who gave it to us.

And so this set of note cards, From the Garden, is the result of my personal study. I hope they inspire you to wave to the chicory along summer roads, smell the sweet roses, and send a little spring or summer to a loved one. 

These and my other set of cards, Creatures of the Forest, are now available on my webpage here. Click the "frakturs by k.a.s." button to find my new note cards. 

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Creatures of the Forest

You probably know by now that I love to write letters.
I cherish the very deliberate kind of communication that takes longer but has a physical presence in another's life. A piece of one person sent through many hands and bags and trucks and over miles of road until it reaches another.

I think that is why I love to make note cards. In some small way, I hope I am keeping a tradition alive. In a world of at-your-fingertips-communication, a letter might seem like taking horse and buggy when there are cars and buses to get you where you are going. But there is still value in the handwritten, the authentic nature of putting pen to page. That authenticity never really goes out of style.

And so with that, I present to you my new note cards. There are two sets coming, Creatures of the Forest and From the Garden.  Today's post features Creatures of the Forest, inspired by the creatures I see frequently around my yard (with the exception of the bear, thankfully).

The cards will be available for purchase online on Monday September 21, 2015. I will post here and on Facebook a link to the store page-so stay tuned! I hope you will take the opportunity to send a friend some encouragement with these cards.