Wednesday, August 20, 2014

A Pen to the Page

I still write letters.

Pens and paper, stamps and envelopes, the whole nine yards.

It’s better than an email. I am grateful for email, as it has made life infinitely easier. But there are some friends, some family, for whom an email cannot tell the whole story. The ink on the page says as much as the words that it forms. The page itself, once in your hands, gets placed in another’s, and there is an authenticity about it.

We are a culture which loves the authentic. Abraham Lincoln’s slippers, George Washington’s tea set—why do we obsess over these?

Because we value the touch of a human hand more than the object that is touched. Slippers are slippers until someone important, someone long ago, or someone we loved held them and wore them and loved how comfortable they were.

In this way, it is like getting a hug, or feeling the comforting touch of a hand to my shoulder when I find a treasured letter in my mailbox. It takes time to sit down and write to someone. It takes time to stamp it and send it off. Our culture values that time, and so it becomes so much more meaningful when someone stops their busyness to mail a letter.

This is why I wanted to design fraktur cards in the first place. I still love handwritten notes, and when a letter is in an interesting card it becomes that much more special. I hope you enjoy using these cards to send a little bit of comfort and care to someone you love. See them here.